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Domains and email addresses

Business to Business email It’s very easy to get a professional email address for your company, so there’s really no need to use your personal email address for sending business email! All you need to do is register a domain name and create an email address using our email-only hosted package.  It’s available from our […]

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Understand your customers

Know and understand your customers Take time to understand your customers and you’ll understand why they buy from you.Successful marketeers ‘anticipate and satisfy customer needs profitably’ so you’ll need to do a little bit of work to understand what makes your customers tick. Understand WHEN customers buy Depending on the nature of your business, the […]

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Contracts and other legal documents

Legal documents and contract agreement templates There’s no need to get expensive legal documents or business contracts created from scratch unless your requirements are very specialised. These contract templates and other legal documents can be downloaded online and then customised to your own requirements. Some useful freebies FREE Employment Contract Checklist FREE Preparing a Business […]

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VAT basics

VAT: input tax, output tax, and everything else you need to know Do you know your input tax from your output tax?  If not here’s the basic things you need to know about VAT, how to register for VAT, charging VAT, paying or reclaiming VAT, and submitting a VAT return. Value Added Tax (VAT) and how […]

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Web design and hosting

Cost effective websites for small businesses Get a great looking website for a lot less than you think! A cheap website doesn’t need to look cheap. Do-it-yourself WordPress websites Professionally designed WordPress websites e-commerce shopping sites Top quality bespoke websites Don’t want a website but do want business email addresses? Then you need an email-only […]

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Understanding cash flow forecasts

Understanding cash flow forecasts and cash flow management All about cash flow – what it is, how to forecast it, and how to manage it. You can manage your cashflow using spreadsheets but it’s much easier to use an accounting package which will do it for you. Using accounting software Most accounting software will create […]

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Limited company or sole trader

Should you be a Limited Company or a Sole Trader? Whether to trade as a limited company or sole trader is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, so be aware of the risks and benefits of each option. Here’s an overview, but you must always seek advice from a qualified accountant before deciding […]

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The bare essentials

How to start a business: The 6 essential things you need for starting a business   Need advice on starting  a business?  There aren’t many things you need to do start up a business as a Sole Trader.  But these are the 6 essential things you absolutely, definitely can’t do without! 1. Avoid a fine […]

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Business insurance quotes Don’t shop around for business insurance quotes – let the insurers come to you! Fill in a quote request form and up to 3 specialist providers of insurance for smalll business will contact you and provide a quote.  Simply compare cover and prices then choose the one that best suits your needs. […]

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