Easy ways to reduce your energy bills

How to reduce your business energy bills

Set yourself a challenge to reduce your business energy bills by a specific amount. It’ll save you money AND help you reduce your carbon footprint.

How much money can you save

There’s some really easy ways to cut your business utility bills without any investment at all.  But if you do buy energy saving products or appliances you’ll not only save money off your bills, you may be able to claim tax relief in the year of purchase thanks to the enhanced capital allowance scheme.  This means you can off-set the whole cost of the equipment against your taxable profits for that year.

New solar energy scheme launches to allow Britain’s small businesses to significantly reduce their energy bills

A scheme set up to allow Britain’s small businesses to save  money by tapping into the growing demand for alternative energy by converting their roofs to mini solar farms will today announce the first 70 partnerships across the UK.

As part of the new Energy Bonds scheme, farmers and factory owners can convert their roof space to mini solar farms at no cost to themselves in exchange for significantly reduced energy bills.  The solar panels collect energy from the sun, even on cloudy days, and convert it to electricity.

The scheme is possible due to the government’s commitment to providing subsidies to green businesses and underwriting energy efficient schemes in order to meet Kyoto Protocol carbon emission reduction targets.

For more info @  www.energybonds.co.uk

Energy saving tips

The Carbon Trust provides free energy saver starter packs which’ll help your business take some simple energy saving measures and help you reduce your business carbon footprint.

You’ll get an energy saving fact sheet, with specific energy saving tips relevant to your business, and a poster and stickers to help motivate your staff to take simple energy saving measures.

Simple ways to make savings on your electricity and lighting bills

  • Turn off lights in empty rooms and corridors
  • Set an overnight lighting policy using minimal or, better still, no lighting
  • Keep windows and skylights clean and clear so you can use natural daylight wherever possible
  • Keep light fittings clean and use energy efficient bulbs
  • Switch off all non-essential equipment if it’s not being used
  • Make it company policy to switch off all PCs overnight

Simple ways to make savings on your heating bills

  • Don’t overheat the place! at least 16°C for an office (but 19°C is more comfortable), less for areas where strenuous work is carried out. It’s estimated that for every 1°C increase in temperature, your business energy costs rise by 8%
  • Don’t heat work spaces that aren’t being used
  • Don’t block radiators with furniture as it reduces their efficiency
  • Turn heating to a minimum when no one’s around such as weekends or public holidays
  • Put thermostats out of draughts or cold or hot spots – the fluctuations in temperature make it difficult to regulate properly
  • Keep windows closed in cold weather – if it’s too hot turn the heating down
  • Draft proof windows and doors
  • Have your heating system regularly maintained or you could be adding as much as 10% to your business electricity bill