Outsourcing everyday business support

Organise your business, from day ONE, so it doesn’t rely solely on YOU.  Stick to what you’re good at and consider employing staff, using freelancers, or using a business process outsourcing company for everything else!

Why small businesses should consider outsourcing

Whatever you went into business for it was probably because you were good at something, enjoyed doing it, and saw an opportunity to create a business from it.

But, much as you’d like to think it, you can’t be good at everything! There are some things you shouldn’t be spending your time on when you could be doing things that directly contribute to the success of the business.  So accept (however grudgingly) that you’re not good at everything and use an outsourcing company to do it for you.

Advantages of outsourcing

  • It brings different skills and experience into your business
  • It lets you focus on what you’re best at
  • Tasks will be completed to a higher standard
  • Your service levels will improve
  • You’ll only pay for the resources you need when you need them
  • You can pull in extra resource quickly to cope with increased demand
  • You’ve got no hassle, recruitment or training costs if someone leaves – it’s down to the company you’re outsourcing to to find a replacement
  • You’ve got no HR or payroll processes or costs to cover

Some things you should consider outsourcing

Disadvantges of outsourcing

  • You won’t have sight or day-to-day control over tasks
  • You need to outsource to companies you can trust
  • However well you get on, you need to maintain a business-like relationship
  • You’ll need to give a very clear brief and agree expectations up front and in writing. Get an appointment of a consultant contract letter template here.
  • There’s a risk to your reputation if you choose the wrong supplier.  Check how long they’ve been in business, how many clients they support, if they support any of your competitors, if they’ve got the proper data security processes in place, and if they’ve got adequate liability insurance in place.