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How to find customers: 7 Tips for successful selling

There’s nothing like getting out and talking to people about your business.  You’ll see how they react, and what it is about your services they’re most interested in.  It’s true that people prefer to do business with real people and your knowlege and enthusiasm for your business is a very effective way to win people over.

Don’t be surprised if the first few conversations are a complete disaster, it does get easier! Just make sure you practice on smaller prospects and only move on to the bigger ones when you feel more confident.

If you want some basic sales tips on selling techniques and how to find customers, try these 7 top tips on selling:

Sales Tip 1: Find the right customer

Speak to the companies or individuals who are most likely to do business with you.  If you’re a new business there’s no point chasing large corporations or PLCs for business unless you have something very specific for that market, and have the infrastructure in place to provide the level of service and support they’d expect.

Sales Tip 2: Sell the benefits not the features

People will only be interested in buying from you if you’re offering a solution to a problem.

If you’re selling to businesses do some research on the industry and the company you’re going to approach. How is their industry going? What new challenges are they facing? How could your company help them with that? Who are their current suppliers? How are you better than their current suppliers? The answer to all these questions should help shape and refine your sales approach.

Sales Tip 3: Let them know what they’ll be missing

Rather than trying to sell the benefits, talk about what they’ll be missing if they don’t buy from you. It’s human nature for people to worry that they’re losing out on something, or to focus on what they haven’t got, rather than what they have got. You’re playing on personal or corporate insecurities here, and it’s a very powerful message.

Sales Tip 4: Show your enthusiasm

If you sound upbeat and energised it’ll be contageous. Standing up while you’re talking on the phone really does work! The people you speak to, from receptionist to decision maker, will pick up on your positive approach within the first few seconds. One word of warning though: don’t overdo the ‘friendly’ chatter as it can be irritating and it wastes time – see tip 6 below.

Sales Tip 5: Take the route of least resistance

Start at the top and work your way down.  You can often shorten the decision making cycle by going straight in at the top of an organisation.  If you convince the CEO or MD it’s a good idea, it’s a great endorsement and should ease your way through the rest of the organisation.

Sales Tip 6: Don’t waste people’s time

Everyone’s busy so don’t waste their time, just get straight to point quickly. Whatever the economic climate, businesses will always be interested in what will save them time or money, so you need to convey how your services or product delivers one or preferably both of these.

Sales Tip 7: Be prepared to walk away

Some people play hard to get, that’s par for the course, and you should expect to work hard to win good business.  But if it’s proving impossible to contact someone after several attempts, move on to the next prospect – you can always try again in a few months time.

It’s also important to recognise who’s likely to be a difficult customer.  Be prepared to walk away from these too, as sometimes it’s best to just move on to someone who would be far easier and/or more profitable to do business with.

Don’t launch a product no-one wants!

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